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“Phantom ride” refers to a genre of film made popular late in the 19th century where the directors would strap a camera on the front
of a moving vehicle. The effect was to see everything moving in front of you, but no clear indication of what is propelling the images.
The “phantom” is this invisible force.

It is an album put together by four people driven by songs. The premise was to keep the record simple, keep the takes as live as possible, minimize overdubs, and for each song to have a character of its own but to fit with the rest. When you have a song that can stand up on its own, it is surely the musicians’ purpose to stay out of the way, do only what is required and allow it to do what it will. I think if you asked any of the Lost Ragas, they would all say that that is one of the true pleasures of being in the band. No one is stepping on anyone else.
Unless, of course, that is what’s required… the Phantom Ride.